Jade Greene

Hello and thanks for popping by!

Collected Thinks houses a selection of
creative non-fiction, short children’s fiction and poetry.
Pieces have also been featured in guest blogs, publishing platforms,
and in paperback (please see below).

I’m a freelance writer, with an MA Distinction in Dramatic Writing and a First-Class BA (Hons) in Screenwriting & Producing.

Traditionally I have focussed my writing on stage plays and screenplays, but after our miscarriage in 2018 I turned to creative non-fiction to process my grief and help combat the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss.

As our story continues with infertility and IVF, so does the writing, in the hope to continue the conversation around fertility struggles and baby loss.

For me, this has become integral to the healing process and has helped me discover the online community of amazing pregnancy loss and infertility #warriors. If you’ve suffered a loss or fertility struggles, please do head over to instagram (@collectedthinks_ivf) to connect or get in touch below. x


Let Me Know When You’re Home – Paperback

A collection of stories of female friendship featuring fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
A compelling, honest and heartfelt collection, this is a book to be passed between friends, treasured by women and returned to again and again.
Features ‘An Open Letter to a Friend Forgotten’.
Buy your copy here.

Guest Blogs

Writing from Collected Thinks has been featured in guest blogs for the following projects:

Dear Damsels

Dear Damsels is a publishing platform sharing the words and stories of women. “Holes” was featured in their August theme, ‘Growth’ in 2019.
You can read it here.

In Development

STARK: A Monologue, Interrupted
An online series exploring baby loss and infertility from a male’s perspective, hoping to be released via instagram.


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