Jade – Writer

I’m a freelance writer, with an MA Distinction in Dramatic Writing and a First-Class BA (Hons) in Screenwriting & Producing.

I write scripts, short children’s stories, and poems, a selection of which can be found on my website, as well as my latest posts in the Collected Thinks Blog about infertility.

My writing has also been featured in The TTC Tribe, Defining Mum and Dear Damsels, as well as the paperback publication, ‘Let Me Know When You’re Home’.

I am currently working on some more blog posts following our IVF “journey” as well as developing a play about infertility and pregnancy loss.

After my missed miscarriage in 2018, I turned to blogging to combat the stigma of pregnancy loss and the feelings of isolation. For me, this became integral to the healing process and opened my eyes to the most caring and supportive community.

As our story continues with our diagnosis of male-factor infertility, so do the blog posts, in the hope to continue the conversation around fertility struggles and baby loss.

This is another wonderfully supportive and hopeful community that I’m very much new to, so please do get in touch if you’d like to connect, or head over to instagram (@collectedthinks).