A Tummy full of Dreams

A little girl finds a rainbow and a unique way to take it home with her.

There’s a house in a town on a hill, by the sea,
With a girl full of dreams of the things she could be.
She has sun in her hair, and the stars in her eyes,
Though her feet touch the ground, her head’s up in the skies.

In this town full of “not now”s, “be quiet”s, and “no”s,
Of grumbling Grown Ups with worries and woes.
This girl skips and floats, she’s forever upbeat,
Whilst Grown Ups stomp round with much heavier feet.

There’s a park in this town on the hill by the sea,
With a swing and a slide, and a den in a tree.
The Grown Ups see only a dull and grey park,
But it bursts into colour with one little spark.

That spark, we call Lola, our girl full of dreams,
Who knows that there’s more to this world than there seems.
On a swing in this park, whiling hours away,
Summer sighs through her curls, and her thoughts start to stray.

The sun lights her face, and her blue eyes squeeze tight,
Swinging higher and higher with all of her might!
Afar now, the ground that her toes once did tread,
Could it be? Yes, she’s flying through dreams in her head!

She’s whizzing and whirling and soaring through air,
As light as a feather, and empty of care.
Surrounded by splashes of yellow and blue,
Bursts of purple and orange, there’s green and red, too!

A slide? Or a flume? No! A rainbow it seems,
Made of dust, oh so soft, and it sparkles and gleams.
Like flour or sand, it slips through her fingers,
A beautiful, floral, fluorescent smell lingers.

She can’t help but smile, mouth open in awe,
Never ever has she seen such colour before!
It makes her so happy her heart seems to sing,
Then she freezes, and realises the saddest thing.

Once she stops swinging high and she tumbles back down,
The world will be grey, full of sighs and of frowns.
She longs for a way for the Grown Ups to know,
You can fly on a dream, and slide on a rainbow.

With no pockets, or backpack, or holdall to store,
A smidgen of rainbow to take back to shore.
Lola has an idea, she finds really quite funny,
What if she stores rainbow dust in her tummy?

She tries just a pinch, her taste buds exploding,
Like all of her favourite things, overloading!
She scoops up a mouthful, no more than she’ll need
(She certainly never has been ruled by greed).

And down Lola slides, with a WHIZZ and a WEEE!
Landing back on her swing, by the den in the tree.
She knows straight away she is back in the park,
From the cries of “Come on now!” “Be quick” “Love, it’s dark!”

Lola jumps off the swing, with a fluttering tum,
With a skip, and a leap, she bounds over to Mum,
Whose face is a grimace, she looks at the time.
Lola smiles right back, knowing all will be fine.

For out from her eyes and her smile so wide,
Shines all of the colours that glisten inside.
The rainbow is turning Mum’s grimace around.
A tinkling giggle, Mum echoes the sound.

She takes Lola’s hand, feels a curious stir;
For Lola is passing the rainbow to her!
Together they laugh as they skip down the street,
Passing splashes of rainbow to all who they meet.

The town, before long, fills with colour, and beams
With the light from a Lola who follows her dreams.

By Jade

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