Oh, how dull this life would be if foresight, like hindsight, were 20:20

Midnight musings on making mistakes. 

Oftentimes we don’t know mistakes till we’ve made them,
But if I went back I doubt that I’d change them.
For how do I know that this ‘now’ that I’m in,
would be better somehow if the wrongs weren’t let in?
I’m flawed and I’m reckless, I’m tattered and frayed,
but built taller and strong from mistakes that I’ve made.
Each time that I break, I am knotted much tighter,
these setbacks and knockdowns have made me a fighter.
It’s cliché, that’s true, I cannot be denying,
the times I was toughest were roughest, most trying.
The good I reflect on, my smile so wide,
but the bad days are relayed, mostly with pride.
Yes, we’ve all been through hell, but the darkest of nights,
hides just one little star shining stealthy and bright.
And it’s that tiny spark that we mustn’t forget,
despite all the mistakes that we haven’t made yet.
We will make them no doubt without us even knowing,
but in the end is our friend who will always be glowing.
I’m merely thinking aloud, I’m not preaching to you;
by all means fill your days in ways that you choose.
I just think good things come from mistakes that we made,
like when I crashed my car, got a new Ford KA!
I know sometimes the damage can’t always be fixed,
and some mistakes you can’t get over so quick.
But to see just a flicker of light in the dark,
will lighten the load of the heaviest heart.
If it adds nothing else but a small splash of colour,
without wrong turns our journeys would all be much duller.
If I had me a button to erase things ‘undone’,
I’d go back to the moment where time had begun.
With my brain full of knowledge of what is to be,
I would change not a thing, ‘cause it’s all made me Me.

By Jade

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