The ‘L’ Words

A couple of poems pencilled from the cosy limbo where only a graduate can reside.

I like this little nook, why is everyone always in such a rush?


I sleep all day and work all night
in limbo with those like me.
There’s little strife in this simple life,
besides “single or double G&T?”

It ain’t for glamour, this life of mine
and it ain’t for money either.
It’s quite a skill to find the will,
to survive on just a fiver.

But to count my blessings, not my coins,
I’ve too few digits at hand.
My purse is as light as my heart is full,
I’m the richest in all the land.

On the ‘Graduate’ shelf I snugly rest
within life’s scheme of pigeonholes.
Low on the ladder of success,
with the rungs above, the goals.

Yet I feel no rush to settle down
or make a rash decision.
May I be skint, lest I be blind
oh, how money blurs one’s vision.

If gold is how I weigh success,
forever I’ll be climbing high.
And from that rung, way above the ground
I’ll see the life that passed me by.

And so I’ll sprawl on this lowly step,
friends great, but pennies few.
The cheapest wine, the finest times,
Fuck it, I’m only twenty two!


I don’t believe in one true love
or happily ever after.
These fairytales and Prince Charming’s,
likely end in disaster.

Villains and Heroes, good and bad,
with nothing in between,
these ideas of stocky stereotypes
are nothing but obscene.

I don’t believe love conquers all,
or marriage lasts forever.
These foolish lovesick notions
require thoughts more clever.

That’s not to say this heart of stone
and cynic brain of mine,
do not believe in happiness,
or that love grows over time.

For it’s the time in which you’ve wasted
on your rose that makes it yours.
A ‘creepy-uppy’ kind of love
wins over one that floors.

And so I fill my hazy days
with things that make me smile.
Appreciate all, however small,
For the big things take a while.

By Jade

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