A Letter for Lola

Lola’s best friend is Rabbit, but as Lola grows up day by day, poor Rabbit is worried she’ll get left behind.

At night times, sometimes I’m scared of the dark,
of the things that I know I can’t see.
Monsters under the bed, or a ghost with no head,
a vampire, even a zombie.

But sometimes I find I’m still scared of the dark
in the brightest and lightest of days.
When I’m left by myself or I’m stuck on the shelf
and there’s no one to join me to play.

But mostly I fear as we age year by year
You’ll notice me ragged and fraying.
One day I’ll find that you’ve left me behind,
you’ve grown up, but I’m back here, staying.

Yet into thin air, float my fears when you’re there,
had I fingers, they’d slip through like sand.
I’m brave and I’m strong, not a thing can go wrong
when you’re holding me tight in your hand.

With ears long and floppy, and beady eyes round,
tail stumpy, but smile so wide.
The grown ups forever say “Put Rabbit down”
but I love hanging right by your side.

You take me to all of the places you go,
Disneyland, camping, the zoo.
Of all the adventures and people we meet
my favourite’s just being with you.

Your blonde wavy hair, like your heart full of gold,
you’re so gentle and kind with no malice.
Your cuddles and cares demolish my scares;
My Best friend, my dear Lola Alice.

For the grown ups believe that it’s I who protects,
keeps your nightmares and worries at bay.
But it’s I with the frets, and you never forget
to include me in games that you play.

When you go off without me, I sometimes get sad,
fear my scares will come back when we part.
But you help me feel brave with a promise you made:
when not in your hand, I am still in your heart.

So this is a toast, cheers! To many more years
full of cuddles and ventures together.
But as years tumble on and new friends come along,
I promise, you’ll be in my heart forever.

Love, Rabbit x

By Jade

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