Ruby Blue and Elephant, too.

Ruby Blue is awfully forgetful, unfortunately so is her best friend Elephant. Where is it all the lost things go?

Elephants; they never forget,
or so the saying goes.
Unless you’re this particular one
Who forgets his trunk’s his nose.

The owner of this Elephant,
a girl named Ruby Blue.
(and aptly true, blue would be you,
if every day you lost Elephant too!)

She loves him so dearly,
and holds him so tight.
When he goes exploring
she quivers in fright.

“Where did you last have him?
He’ll be there, I bet.”
But just like her pal,
Blue’d often forget.

It was just here, or down there,
or past that, I wonder.
(These same things, lost Elephant
often would ponder.)

“I remember remembering
a while ago.
Where is it lost memories
and all forgets go?”

This question stuck with her
but Elephant knew,
for in the space of forgets
there was Elephant too.

He could see them around him,
the lost things unfound;
a toy car, a button,
a sock, and a pound.

“Nice to meet you” he greeted,
“It’s dark here, like night.”
“So all the forgets
can remain out of sight.”

Then Button continued,
“What brings you this way?”
“Ruby Blue put me down
but I started to stray.

Staying still for so long
is often quite boring.
My mind wonders on
and my feet go exploring.

But my ventures they often times
end in me fretting,
the way back, notoriously,
I’m always forgetting.”

“Me too!” revved a voice
from the Lost Things collection,
“For a car it’s not smart
to be dire with directions.”

“You think that’s bad?
I fear I had much worse a fate.
You’re no good as a sock
if you lose your soul mate.”

“Least you’re free!” squeaked the Button,
“I was tight fastened on.
Now I feel there’s a hole
where I truly belong.”

“I, a gift from her Nan,
for a treat she could purchase.
With nothing to give,
I feel really quite worthless.”

With a shake of her head
and a sigh from the Pound,
the hearts of the Lost Things
slumped onto the ground.

This abyss, or this ether,
this mystical space,
the Grown Ups were right;
“Everything in its place.”

“We must find a way
out of this limbo setting,
and remind all the Humans
just what they’re forgetting.”

But lost in the darkness,
no way out to see.
Until an “Eleeeephant!” echoed,
“Blue’s calling for me!”

“Elephant, where are you?!”
He heard it again!
He just needed a way now
to signal his friend.

He squeezed tight his memory,
then suddenly froze.
A loud trumpeting BLAST
blew right out of his nose!

Blue followed the sound
like a bright supernova,
and she reached down, way down
to the back of the sofa.

A grip grasped him tight,
right round Elephant’s ear.
He grabbed the Lost Things
and they gasped with a cheer.

Blue hauled them to safety,
bright light all around.
How happy they were
to be finally found!

“I’ve found you! I’ve found you!
don’t leave me again.
It feels all so lonely
without my best friend.”

The next day, Blue fastened
her cardigan tight,
And Button beamed proudly
with all of her might.

And dancing on toes
that she’d daintily extend,
Blue showed off her best Sock
back with his best friend.

Outside, a race in full swing
on the tarmac,
and Car, this time made sure
he stayed on the right track.

But Pound, in the house
was nowhere to be seen.
In her place a Chocolate Bar
most proudly gleamed.

Tucking into the treat,
enough there for two,
Was our Elephant of white,
and our Ruby of blue.

By Jade

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