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Hello! I’m Jade, a freelance writer and content creator. I craft authentic and powerful copy, with story at its soul, which captures hearts and amplifies missions.

My writing has been published in the paperback anthology, Let Me Know When You’re Home and various online publications, including The Miscarriage Association and Dear Damsels. Collected Thinks also houses my personal blog of creative non-fiction, short children’s stories, and poetry.

“Your writing is very, very special – powerful and expressive and at the same time sparing.”

The Miscarriage Association

I design engaging content and personable copy to increase impact, outreach, and awareness across all social platforms.

I craft expressive and empathetic copy to amplify voices, inform audiences, and boost company missions.

My creative non-fiction and informative blog posts have featured in various charity campaigns, boosting awareness and support.

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A conscientious creative and freelance writer, passionate about voicing stories often silenced.
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